New Foodzy App: 5 Personalized Food & Health dashboards on the go

Personal food journal app gets massive update, connects to Fitbit and Withings

After their first launch little over a year ago, Amsterdam based startup Foodzy today announces a fully updated re-release of its mobile apps. Besides a complete redesign, the app now offers users 5 real time health dashboards on the go. One of these is a live ‘Bits vs. Burned’ chart, giving you an immediate update on the amount of calories you’ve eaten today against the amount you’ve already burned based on your Fitbit data.

In the new version of the app, the menu bar has been replaced by a single check-in button users can use to check in single foods & drinks or their own entire recipes (Eatzies). Over the past year, users in 140 countries have added over 200,000 new products to the Foodzy database, which now holds half a million products worldwide. One of the major benefits of Foodzy in comparison to regular food tracking apps is the fact that it uses local food databases in every country.

With the relaunch of their app, the Foodzy team really wanted to give people a real time food & health journal as they go. “The new app has two major functions” says Marjolijn Kamphuis, co-founder & CEO at Foodzy. “One is to check in everything you eat and drink, as quickly and easily as possible. If a product isn’t listed in our database yet, users can now simply add it in the app.”

“Two is checking your five personalized dashboards to see how you are doing. We visualize the types of food you’ve been eating to see how healthy your day was. We’ll show you if you need to drink more. We’ll turn your Withings data into 30-day weight graphs. And if you have a Fitbit, we’ll even tell you how much you can still eat in comparison to the calories you’ve already burned today. If you don't have a Fitbit, we calculate an estimate. There are plenty of weight, exercise and food tracking apps out there, but so far none have managed to combine all data in one user friendly service. The new Foodzy aims to do just that” says Kamphuis.

The new Foodzy app is available for iPhone from iTunes and Android from Google Play. It is free to download and use, but Pro users (who pay a fee of $15 a year) get extra features. Alternatively, non smartphone users can visit to use the service. 


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About Foodzy

Foodzy is a self-funded startup based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The social service for web and mobile soft-launched in private beta at The Next Web Conference 2011 - where it was awarded 'Best Pitch' in TNW's Start up Rally. Since its global launch in July 2011, Foodzy’s database has grown from 50,000 to over 500,000 food products, most of it crowdsourced by users. The service uses localized product databases per country, so users can easily search for the products available in their local supermarket. Foodzy is currently available in 140 countries and six languages.