Amsterdam | Published on: January 18, 2012
Social media pitch
With Foodzy, you can now check in entire meals all at once, and share them with your friends.
It’s January again so lots of us are reflecting on changes we want (or need) to make in the comingyear. Gym membership is on the up and everyone seems to be on some sort of a diet. Although manyapps can keep track of your health, as from today just one makes it one helluva lot easier. Foodzy – a food and health tracker available for web, iOs and Android – is launching Eatzies today, a new feature that makes it easy for you to check in entire dishes, as well as single products.

Foodzy started out as a web service but since the launch of its mobile apps, in the fall of 2011,
checking in what you eat or drink per day has taken real flight among people who are keen to maintain
a healthy lifestyle or learn more about their eating habits. The app shows you the amount of fluid you
drink per day, your favourite products, the various food types and advisable amount of calories you
should have on a daily basis. Since Foodzy’s recent connection to the Withings wifi body scale it can
even keep track of your weight automatically.

Nevertheless, a lot of Foodzy’s users pointed out to us that checking in wasn’t quite as easy as
Foursquare, yet. That spaghetti Bolognese you had for dinner? Often it was too much
hassle finding out what went into making it. That’s why Foodzy created Eatzies: it combines separate
products into a recipe or a frequently eaten dish. So if your home-made spaghetti sauce is made from
Heinz tomato sauce, mince meat and basil, add the right amount of each ingredient once only to make
an ‘Eatzy’. Next time you eat it: check it in with just one easy click, instead of adding all the ingredients
one by one.

Foodzy’s new feature also enables users to share recipes on Facebook, Twitter and other social
networks. And if you’re already a Foodzy member, you can add other people’s Eatzies to your
bookcase and save them for later. Foodzy keeps stats on the popularity of each dish, showing you
who else has checked in your recipe and when you last had it, giving you even more insights into your
eating habits in 2012.


About Foodzy
Since its global launch in July 2011, Foodzy’s database has grown from 50,000 to over 150,000 food products, most of it crowdsourced by users. The service uses localized product databases per country, so users can easily search for the products available in their local supermarket and language. Foodzy has active users in over 120 countries, its mobile apps are available for iOS and Android.  

Contact: Marjolijn Kamphuis
Telephone: +31 20 771 6496