Foodzy now available for iPhone and Android

Social food game launches mobile apps

Foodzy, the social game for food lovers and health freaks, is now available for Android and iPhone. Foodzy lets you keep track of what you eat, giving you in-depth statistics and badges for healthy living in return. The apps are available in Apple's App Store and Android Market for free, but users need a Foodzy Pro account to use them.

Instead of checking in where you are - like Foursquare - with Foodzy you check in what you eat and drink during the day. Looking for a product is easy: just type in the first few letters and the product pops up in the search results so that you can check it in with just one click. Over time, your favourite products get remembered and show up automatically on your home screen, making daily food check-ins of products you eat regularly even easier.

The main goal of Foodzy is to get insights into the way you eat. Every product page shows you how often you've eaten or drunk that product, and which of your friends have had the same product. Foodzy uses localized food databases in over 58 countries, and is currently available in English, French, German and Dutch. Foodzy encourages you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Users can unlock Foodzy badges for certain eating habits, like the 'Forget-about-it-Badge' for eating lots of Italian food, or the 'Coco Jambo' badge for eating five kinds of tropical fruit.

As of today, Foodzy's mobile apps are available from Apple's App Store and Android Market. Foodzy users can upgrade their free Foodzy Lite account to Foodzy Pro and use the app for as little as $15 a year.

About Foodzy

Foodzy is a self-funded startup based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The social service for web and mobile soft-launched in private beta at The Next Web Conference 2011 - where it was awarded 'Best Pitch' in TNW's Start up Rally. Since its global launch in July 2011, Foodzy’s database has grown from 50,000 to over 500,000 food products, most of it crowdsourced by users. The service uses localized product databases per country, so users can easily search for the products available in their local supermarket. Foodzy is currently available in 140 countries and six languages.