Foodzy now available in German and French

Social Food Game translates interface and adds local products

Since its public launch about a month ago, registered thousands of new users all over the world. Since a large majority of them are from Europe, the service has now been made available in both German and French. Both interface and food databases have been translated, and hundreds of locally available products were added. Users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Canada can now start keeping track of their eating habits in their own native language.
'Food is a local matter' says Foodzy's Co-Founder Marjolijn Kamphuis. 'When we launched Foodzy it was available in two languages: English and Dutch. We noticed a tremendous growth in the US, UK and The Netherlands as a result. The amount of products in our database made an incredible increase over the past 5weeks, we now have over 100,000 food products in our system, which means over 20,000 were added by our users. If you live in The Netherlands and use Foodzy, almost every locally available product is now on Foodzy.' 

Although the service also gained a lot of new users in other European countries, a lot of them commented they found the system somewhat harder to use because of the language barrier. This is why both product databases and the complete website interface were recently translated into German and French. The new language settings for the web interface are available for every Foodzy user, the new product databases only for those who live in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium. If you happen to visit one of these countries for a holiday, you can also change your settings temporarily to access these local fooddatabases. 

Foodzy also added hundreds of a locally available products in both the UK, Germany, France and Belgium and will continue to add plenty more products in other countries in the following weeks. 'We have recently started working with Superusers in our most popular countries' says Kamphuis 'these users help us in adding all the locally available products and keeping the food databases clean and accurate'. 

About Foodzy

Foodzy is a self-funded startup based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The social service for web and mobile soft-launched in private beta at The Next Web Conference 2011 - where it was awarded 'Best Pitch' in TNW's Start up Rally. Since its global launch in July 2011, Foodzy’s database has grown from 50,000 to over 500,000 food products, most of it crowdsourced by users. The service uses localized product databases per country, so users can easily search for the products available in their local supermarket. Foodzy is currently available in 140 countries and six languages.