Amsterdam | Published on: July 4, 2011
Social media pitch
After a 2 month private-beta test, launches worldwide. Mobile apps about to launch later this month
After a 2 month period of testing their new webservice in about 50 countries with a limited amount of a couple of thousand beta-users, Foodzy is now available worldwide for everyone. People can sign up for a free 'Foodzy Lite' account at or upgrade to 'Foodzy Pro' for only $15 a/year, extending a lot of the site's possibilities.
Details is a new social network that turns eating and dieting into a game. Users keep track of what they eat on the website and earn special badges for certain fun or healthy eating 'achievements'. "The most unlocked badge at the moment is the BBQ badge" says Foodzy co-founder Marjolijn Kamphuis. "Although the Coco Jambo badge for eating 5 types of tropical fruit is pretty popular too right now".

During the past 3 months, Foodzy worked with their initial userbase on improving the website. "We noticed a lot of our users are way more social when it comes to food and dieting than we first anticipated. People start commenting on each others Food-checkins on Twitter and want to share recipes." says Kamphuis. "This is why we recently developed a 'Product Page' for every product in the database so that you can see which of your friends have eaten this product too, and what its current popularity is. We are also working on integrating a recipe function for easy bundling and sharing of food combos and other fun food statistics".

One of Foodzy's main priorities at the moment however is the launch of a mobile site and two mobile apps for both iPhone and Android. Kamphuis: "We are in the final stages of development and hope to launch our mobile apps later this month. It will make using Foodzy a lot easier: adding food with the simple press of a button maybe even when you're eating it."