Nieuwe Foodzy app voor iPhone en Android beschikbaar

04 October — De Amsterdamse startup Foodzy kondigt vandaag een compleet geupdate re-release van haar mobiele apps aan. Naast een redesign is de app nu ook uitgerust met 5 real time food & health dashboards. Eén daarvan is het live 'Bits vs. Burned' overzicht, waarin je precies ziet hoeveel je vandaag gegeten hebt tegenover de calorieën die je reeds verbrand hebt. De data wordt rechtstreeks ingelezen vanaf je Fitbit stappenteller.  In de nieuwe versie van de app is de traditionele menubalk vervangen d...

October 2012

  1. Oct 04

    New Foodzy App: 5 Personalized Food & Health dashboards on the go

    After their first launch little over a year ago, Amsterdam based startup Foodzy today announces a fully updated re-release of its mobile apps. Besides a complete redesign, the app now offers users 5 real time health dashboards on the go. One of these is a live ‘Bits vs. Burned’ chart, giving you an immediate update on the amount of calories you’ve eaten today against the amount you’ve already burned based on your Fitbit data. In the new version of the app, the menu bar has been replaced by ...

January 2012

  1. Jan 18

    Keeping track of your eating habits just got easier

    It’s January again so lots of us are reflecting on changes we want (or need) to make in the comingyear. Gym membership is on the up and everyone seems to be on some sort of a diet. Although manyapps can keep track of your health, as from today just one makes it one helluva lot easier. Foodzy – a food and health tracker available for web, iOs and Android – is launching Eatzies today, a new feature that makes it easy for you to check in entire dishes, as well as single products. Foodzy started...

November 2011

  1. Nov 22

    Foodzy launches free version of mobile apps and connects to Withings body scale

    Foodzy - the social food game that lets you easily check in your daily food & drinks intake - launches a lite version of its mobile apps for iPhone and Android today that enables all users to try the service for free or create a new account. Pro users of the service receive an all new and improved personal dashboard in the app’s most recent upgrade, and keeping track of your weight just became easier now that you can import your Withings WIFI scale data automatically into Foodzy.

September 2011

  1. Sep 04

    Foodzy now available for iPhone and Android

    Foodzy, the social game for food lovers and health freaks, is now available for Android and iPhone. Foodzy lets you keep track of what you eat, giving you in-depth statistics and badges for healthy living in return. The apps are available in Apple's App Store and Android Market for free, but users need a Foodzy Pro account to use them.

August 2011

  1. Aug 23

    Foodzy now available in German and French

    Since its public launch about a month ago, registered thousands of new users all over the world. Since a large majority of them are from Europe, the service has now been made available in both German and French. Both interface and food databases have been translated, and hundreds of locally available products were added. Users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Canada can now start keeping track of their eating habits in their own native language.

July 2011

  1. Jul 04

    Foodzy exits beta: Go win some badges for (healthy) eating!

    After a 2 month period of testing their new webservice in about 50 countries with a limited amount of a couple of thousand beta-users, Foodzy is now available worldwide for everyone. People can sign up for a free 'Foodzy Lite' account at or upgrade to 'Foodzy Pro' for only $15 a/year, extending a lot of the site's possibilities.

April 2011

  1. Apr 29

    Food goes social: lanceert op The Next Web Conference

    Amsterdam is sinds vandaag een nieuwe start-up rijker: Vanochtend lanceerde op The Next Web Conference zijn private beta site. Foodzy is een nieuw sociaal netwerk waar gebruikers bijhouden wat ze eten. Als beloning voor goede of leuke eetgewoonten ontvangen gebruikers badges, zodat gezond leven of een dieet volgen wel heel motiverend wordt. Daarnaast kun je op Foodzy goed bijhouden wat jouw eetvoorkeuren en die van je vrienden zijn.
  2. Apr 29 launches at The Next Web Conference: Food goes social

    Foodzy - a new, self funded start-up based in Amsterdam - announced their limited private beta launch at the second day of The Next Web conference earlier this morning. helps users keep track of what products they eat during the day, and it rewards healthy and fun eating habits with badges. This way people are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, start losing weight or simply keep track of their own and their friends' eating preferences.